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Anhui Dahan Sports Cultural Development Co.,Ltd


Anhui Dahan Sports Cultural Development Co.,Ltd (abbreviated as Dahan Sports), guided by China Tug-of-War Association, is aimed to push the development of tug-of-war game in China. The company makes efforts to develop new tactics and new experience via exerting advantages of itself and introducing international tug-of-war information. Meanwhile, Dahan Sports summarizes and expands theoretical system of tug-of-war, and enhances the equipments.

Concept of Dahan Sports: to introduce cultural on the basis of information service and supporting equipments, to push competitive transformation of traditional tug-of-war, to realize the prosperity of tug-of-war sports in China.

With 10+ years efforts, Dahan Sports has walked across the country, sharing the experience with hundreds of teams, wining supports and respect from a large number of tug-of-war players and becoming strategic cooperation partner of China Tug-of-War Association. In order to strengthen competitiveness of China’s tug-of-war sport, Dahan Sports not only brings in advanced international equipments, but also jointly with Chinese famous manufacturers develops equipments of independent property rights. The move, meanwhile, reduces the cost of taking part in tug-of-war sports, which lays basic foundation for introduction and popularization of China’s tug-of-war sports.

At present, Dahan Sports bear a series of professional tug-of-war equipments which could be used for training, competing or enhancing. Our products have been used by sports associations in 26 provinces (municipals) and petroleum, metallurgical, locomotive industries etc., meeting requirements of tug-of-war competitions and training courses from different levels and classes.

Major tug-of-war equipments:


I Tug-of-war Lane

1. Dunlop Lane: designated lane by International Tug-of-War Union and China Tug-of-War Association. It is composed of 18 plate (each size is 122cm*200cm*2.5cm). The surface is Dunlop rubber produced in Netherlands. Backing plate is multi-layered plate produced by special materials. Therefore, lane bears duration without deformation.

2. Asian Lane: it is tug-of-war lane at the size of 36m*108cm*5mm. Surface is abrasive rubber with three-layers PE materials. It bears property of strong friction, thermo-stability without deformation. It can bring friction for ordinary sport shoes, and it suits professional shoes. The lane is suggested to be used for long-term training or for those who are participating tug-of-war at early stage of.

II Rope

1. Manila rope: used by International Tug-of-War Union. Size is 33.5m*3.8cm. It has high tensile strength (9000kg) without deformation. It is listed as designated rope indoor tug-of-war sports. It feels good.

2. International Manila Rope: designated rope for outdoor sports. It is produced of PP material, with size of 36m*3.8cm. It bears tensile strength (6000kg). Features: water-resistance, corrosion resistance, durable.


III Shoe

1. Asics shoe (110 style, 109 style): it is produced in Japan, used on professional tug-of-war lane or bright floor. It is usually used in high-level tug-of-war competitions.

2. Do-win Shoe: it is jointly developed by Dahan Sports and Dowin Sports Equipments Company which is located in Jiangsu Kunshan city. It is also a designated product of China Tug-of-War Association.

3. Outdoor Shoe: Taiwan-produced, it is newly-produced and enjoys reputation around Asia.


IV Protective Coat

It is also designated product by China Tug-of-War Association. It has following functions: it can avoid scratch or bruises happening between rope and shoulder or lumbar rib or upper arm. It protects contestants from being hurt. It includes players’ coat and anchor’s coat.

1. Players’coat: worn by previous seven players in the contest;

2. Anchor’s coat: worn by the last player who is anchor player.

V Professional Competition Clothing and Fittings

1. Upper: high-quality cotton long-sleeve polo T-shirt;

2. Shorts: high-quality cotton enhanced-type shorts;

3. Belt: professional protective belt


Popular equipments:

We select following popular products for customers:

1. Running: asics trail and running shoes;

2. Badminton: asics professional badminton shoe;

3. Outdoor sports: The North Face shoe and clothes.