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Product Name:Tug of War training simulator


Price:Taobao shop

Product Use:

Show tensile force immediately

Safe and reliable

Simulation training for tactics counterwork

Manipulated easily


Patent number: ZL201420160414.6

1. Training for one person or a team (8 members)

2.Overthrow traditional training machine mode; hydraulic tensioning, spliced conveniently, length for effective pulling: 4-6m

3. Spec: 1260*680*1560, Self weight:300kg

4. Maximum power capacity: 4000kg (8-15 members can be trained simultaneously)

5. show tensile force immediately and set pulling target easily

6. safe and reliable

7. simulation training for tactics counterwork and improvement for the training results

8. power loading: 110(10A)/220V(5A)


Total distribution in China Mainland: Anhui Dahan Sports Co., Ltd