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Product Name:Homegrown Tug of War Track (Coil)


Price:Taobao shop

Product Use:


I Coil

1. Specification:

Length: 33.5 meters  Width: 1.2 meters   Thickness: 5mm  Weight: 270 Kilo

Made of high quality rubbers with three layers of PE materials


2. Performance: higher friction, Non-deformation, High temperature resistance etc.

Dark fringe was used in the surface to strengthen frictions and more suitable for professional Tug of War shoes.

It can be spread on smooth ground indoor and outdoor. It was sticked by special double sided Adhesive Tape, convenient for dismounting and no harm for the ground.


3. The double sided Adhesive Tape can be sticked on the smooth cement ground or floor tile directly.

It will be better to spread a layer of plank (14 pieces, Spec:122cm*244cm) to protect the ground if you use them in gym or on wood flooring.


II Flats: It was spliced by 14 pieces of flats (length: 2.44 meters; Width:1.22 meters).

Performance and usage have no difference with Dunlop Tug of War Track。