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China General Administration of Sports Congratulated China Female Tug-of-war Team Winning the World Champion


2010-03-01 08:53:00 Website of China General Administration of Sports

Congratulatory Message

With great delight we learned that China female tug-of-war team (Ansteel Group) won the champion of 500kg race and runner-up of 540kg race. We China General Administration of Sports and China Tug-of-war Association would like to express the warmest congratulations!

Chinese tug of war only has a history for more than ten years. However, with the efforts of the whole team, finally we break a historical breakthrough. Congratulations! Meanwhile, PetroChina male team and Guangdong Zhongshan male team also enriched experience and showed the proactive and optimistic spirit during the club competition and the World Championships. Congratulations to you all!

Chinese Lunar Lantern Festival is coming. We wish all members of the Chinese delegation a happy and safe festival! Looking forward to your triumphant return!

China General Administration of Sports

February 28, 2010

(Editor: Yu Hongli)

Chinese female tug-of-war team on the field (photos)