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Anhui Masteel Tug of War Team


Masteel Tug-of-war team was one of the earliest tug-of-war teams in China metallurgical system. It once won the champion in “Heng Yuan Xiang” National Tug-of-war Championship in 1999 and in the next year it represented China and participated in World Outdoors Tug-of-war Championship in England. Afterwards, Masteel team promoted the tug-of-war and held related training classes. A large number of excellent team and talents showed up. Currently, the tug-of-war was well received by the people. However, with the continuous improvement of national tug-of-war competitions, Masteel team faced a series of challenges. To form a “Strong Masteel Team” has become an urgent task. We believe that soon there will be a great improvement.