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PetroChina Tug of War team


The First Session of China Petroleum Association Tug-of-war Championship was held by China Petroleum Association and organized by Jilin Oilfield Company in Jilin Oilfield Jiangnan Activity Center. 20 teams from Jilin Oilfield Company, CNPC Equipment Corporation, Jinxi Petrochemical Company and other four enterprises participated the two-day competition.

Zhu Yuan, Executive Vice Chairman of the China Petroleum Association said at the opening ceremony that the First Session of China Petroleum Association Tug-of-war Championship was not only a milestone in raising the competitive level of tug-of-war, but also had a positive and far-reaching impact on the overall development of China’s sports. It would inspire the cadres and workers to make new contributions to build a strong international competitiveness and a socialist harmonious enterprise with good health, new attitude and full of enthusiasm. Through the organization of tug-of-war, it can enhance people’s physical quality, cultivate team awareness, promote the spirit of collectivism, patriotism, enhance the cohesion and solidarity of the workforce and so forth.

Before the competition, Drum team, Taichi Sword team, Soft Power team and Taijiquan team performed a wonderful performance. The tug-of-war team included 560kg male race, 600kg male race, 480kg female race and 520kg female race. The races were adopted to double-elimination rules.

The tug-of-war has a long history and is welcomed by the masses. In recent years, China Petroleum Association focused on the tug-of-war development and prepared for the Fourth Session of the National Sports Conference. Though the movement started late, but it developed rapidly. Since the establishment of tug-of-war teams, the company achieved remarkable results. In 2006 The Third Session of the National Sports Conference, Jilin Oilfield Team won the fourth in Chengdu Division Trial Match and the sixth in Suzhou Division Final Match. In this year’s National Tug-of-war Championship, Jilin Oilfield, Jinxi Refining & Chemical, CNPC Equipment Corporation and North China Oilfield participated in four levels of competition. Of this, Jilin Oilfield team won the third of 560kg male race and 600kg male race; Jinxi Refining & Chemical team won the fourth of 480kg female race and 520kg female race.