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Guangdong Zhongshan City Yongning Xiaolan Town Tug-of-war Team


Guangdong Zhongshan city’s Xiaolan Town enjoys the reputation of “The Star of China Towns”. Currently, the town has entered a good development period of economic development, improvement of people’s livelihood and cultural prosperity. It is known as the vanguard of building a new socialist countryside in Guangdong province. Also it has been awarded by the National General Administration as “National Sports Advanced Unit” for several years. In 2008 the National Tug-of-war Championship, it won the third place of 680kg tug-of-war race. In order to better promote the tug-of-war sports, Yongning community also took the initiative to host the “2009 National Tug-of-war Promotion Activity and Referee Training Courses” to make friends, increase communication and improve development.