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Sinopec Shengli Offshore Oil Field Tug of War team


The Shengli Oilfield was once a banner of China Industrial Revolution. Over the years, they have inherited the glorious traditions, strived to create a new miracle of oil production and at the same time, they carefully crafted a first-class enterprise. Leaders in the oilfield has always attached great importance to the development of sports culture and established several gymnasiums near the beach. The excellent corporate culture gave birth to a good spirit of enterprises, create a good team. In the face of difficulties, the oilfield people dare to face any problems and obstacles. Today the traditional tug-of-war has entered the era of competitive tug-of-war, also the traditional spirit of tug-of-war also needs to integrate the concept of scientific development. We believe that a tug-of-war from the Shengli Oilfield will show the world with a confidence and courage team.