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Brief introduction To Tug-of-War


I. The Conception of Tug-of-War:

Original meaning: to pull as much hard as one can    


II. Meaning of Tug-of-War

It can be dated to many years ago in China, and it is one of the most respective leisure activities among farmers in ancient agriculture society. In the past, there were no specific rules in tug-of-war game. Therefore usually who weighted more who won. However, nowadays, length and thickness of the rope, the acreage of the site are all regulated. numbers of players are restricted and players are classified by weight. Plus, players who are in the end of the rope should wear helmet. Clear rules and less danger, enough enjoyment and justice, enlarge the importance of teamwork. During the game, each team can performance differently, which makes the whole game more exciting. The team work spirit is that no particular one in this team is the so-called hero. Each team member is important and heroical, they need to fight for the same goal, keep in the same pace and never say never, which gives the competition a profound education meaning.   


III. Introduction to International Tug-of-War Competition

England firstly proposed the tug-of- war as an international competition. In 1900, the second session of Olympics in Paris, tug-of-war was listed on the formal competition. Then in America(the third session), England(the forth session), Sweden(the fifth session), the next one was cut because of the World War. In 1920, the seventh Olympics, due to the overloading sports under competition, and the disparate rules between different countries of tug-of-war, it was canceled then. At that time, countries like England and Netherlands which were fond of tug-of-war formed unions in successive. And the International Tug-of-War league was established in 1960, which unified the rules as well. In 1964, the first European Tug-of-War championship was held in Switzerland. Nowadays, there are Tug-of-War Opens and International championships and Olympics. It is classified by indoor and outdoor, which are held in turn every year. While the Olympics is held quadrennially. In December 1980, Japan national Tug-of-War association was set up. It re-ruled the game based on the international rules. The international union of Tug-of-War absorbed the merits of Japan's and proposed that international competition will be held indoor on firm ground in 1982. In October 1988, a competition between Japan and England was on Gifu, which followed the Indoor rules and formal it in 1989. In 1990, the championship was held in Netherlands and adopted the Indoor rules as well.


IV. The Development of China Tug of War

Chinese competitive Tug of War started quiet late and just joined Tug of War International Federation (TWIF) in April 1999. Under the governance of the Leisure Sports administrative Center in Gernaral Administration of Sport of China, national Tug of War champaionship is held every year and national teams also often attend International Tug of War. The establishment of Champion competition systems and the strength of international communication contribute to the large improvement of Chinese Tug of War and strengthening of international competition.

Chinese Tug of War Association (CTWA) was established formally in February 2006. As a result, Tug of War is included in the programmes of National Sports Festival of China. The sport has a rapid development and numerous Tug of War groups spring up since then. The pioneers of China Tug of War represented by China Metallurgical Sports Association made huge efforts to the development and spread of Tug of War and attract and encourage more people to the Tug of War sport under the leading of CTWA.

Popularization and normative competition systems are bound to improve the athletic level of Tug of War. National Tug of War is fiercer and fiercer and the athletic level improved generally. In the indoor Tug of War championships which was held in Italy, China won the second place in women 520 kilogram class, which initiated the history that Chinese Tug of War was listed on the top rank of the world. China will also attend the World Games held in Kaohsiung of China Taiwan in this July and fight for a higher record. I believe that they will have a satisfied performance.


V. Conclusion

Tug of War, once considered as an entertainment game to win depends players’ weight, now has a perfected thorough competition rules and is in the way to competitive sport with the same fairness as other sports. It is not only a formal program of the World Games but also accepted by International Olympic Committee. And it is likely to return to Olympic Games one day.